September 23, 2019

National Honey Princess at the Fryeburg Fair this Week

Emily Campbell is this year's National Honey Princess. She is a pre-vet major from Minnesota and has bees on her family farm. She is having a great time at the fair - even entered the skillet toss competition and threw 37 feet. Stop by and visit her at the Fryeburg Fair this week.   … [Read more...]

Hosting the 2011 American Honey Princess

  We had a lot of interest in Bee Schools at the Fryeburg Fair this year. (Perhaps an opportunity for bee school in the Naples-Bridgeton- Fryeburg area!) Allison Adams is the American Honey Princess this year. She did a terrific job speaking with people at the fair and was a great ambassador for beekeeping — very knowledgeable and well spoken. She is from Plano, Texas, and this was … [Read more...]

Why Belong to the MSBA?

by Carol Cottrill The Maine State Beekeepers Association offers its members a number of benefits. As you know The Bee Line provides updates from our State Apiarist/Bee Inspector and practical “how-to” articles to help you take care of your bees. It also lists upcoming events, local club information, and contact information for MSBA officers and Board members. Have you used any of the … [Read more...]

Why Are You Here?

By Master Beekeeper Carol Cottrill New beekeepers in our classes always ask how often they should check their hives. The standard answer seems to be “every week to ten days”. Off they go and follow the calendar dutifully opening their hives, removing each frame and looking it over. They may not really know exactly what they are looking for, but they are following the schedule. Experience has … [Read more...]