March 28, 2015

Inspector’s Comments – April 2006

Tony Jadczak, Maine State Bee Inspector

True to form, “March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb”. Honey bees were gathering pollen in the southern half of the state during the last week of March when temperatures reached the upper 50’s and lower 60’s. The sight of incoming pollen is possibly as welcome to northern beekeepers as it is to the bees.   During April, bee management concerns monitoring the hive’s food … [Read more...]

2005 Inspection Report

Tony Jadczak – State of Maine Apiarist and Bee Inspector

In 2005, 380 Maine beekeepers registered 6,436 hives. In addition, 52,668 hives managed by migratory commercial beekeepers entered Maine for blueberry, apple, and cranberry pollination. Hives were also used to pollinate canola, small fruits, squash, and buckwheat. Honey bee colonies entered Maine under certification from AR, FL, GA, KS, LA, MS, SC, and TX. Nearly 6,000 colonies were shipped to … [Read more...]

2004 Inspection Report

State Apiarist Tony Jadczak shares his report of Maine apiaries for 2 010.

Following is a brief summary of the 2004 season. In 2004, 379 resident beekeepers registered 6,296 hives. The trend of fewer registered beekeepers and hives within Maine continues and reflects the decline of beekeepers and hives at the national level. Unfortunately, part of this “decline” is attributed to non-compliance with Maine’s Apiary Registration requirement. In contrast, there is excellent … [Read more...]