September 23, 2019

Beekeeper & Junior Beekeeper of the Year

Maine State Beekeepers Association, Inc. Beekeeper of the Year Criteria

The Maine State Beekeepers Association, Inc. (MSBA) Beekeeper of the Year Award is given annually to a beekeeper that has, over a period of years, demonstrated and promoted good beekeeping, improved the public image of the industry, and served the industry as a volunteer.

The candidate for the Award must be a member in good standing of the Maine State Beekeepers Association and shall be nominated by a local Chapter, an MSBA member in good standing or by a member of the MSBA Board of Directors. The candidate also must currently own or manage honeybee colonies in the state of Maine.

Nomination is made by letter or email to the MSBA President one week prior to the Board of Directors meeting held the month before the Annual Meeting. The letter should outline what the candidate has done to promote beekeeping and educate beekeepers, prospective beekeepers and the non-beekeeping public over a period of time. Activities such as teaching beekeeper short courses or Chapter Bee Schools, presentations to community organizations, demonstrations at fairs (county, state, horticulture or environmental), volunteering for the State and local beekeeping organizations and media interviews or presentations will all be considered.

MSBA Beekeeper of the Year Nomination Form

The Board will evaluate the nominations submitted and select one winner to be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Maine State Beekeepers Association, Inc. Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria:
The MSBA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a beekeeper or a beekeeping couple who have over a period of years promoted the value of beekeeping in Maine. The nominee should have demonstrated the value of honeybees to the non-beekeeping public and have supported the efforts of Maine beekeepers.
Nomination letters should outline how the candidate has reached out to the general public and beekeepers and should include examples of activities such as teaching bee schools, other instructional work, speaking to the general public, mentoring new beekeepers, and serving as a source of knowledge to new beekeepers.
Please submit nomination letters to the MSBA President

A selection of previous Beekeeper of the Year winners can be found here »

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