November 28, 2015

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Jacky Hildreth, Master Beekeeper

Richard McLaughlin, Master Beekeeper
Vice President

Lynn Lamb

Andrew Dewey

Carol Cottrill, Master Beekeeper
Past President

Ex-Officio Members

Tony Jadczak
State of Maine Bee Inspector (non-voting)
(207) 287-3891 or (207) 287-7562

Carol Cottrill, Master Beekeeper
Eastern Apiculture Society Director
(207) 364-0917

Samantha Burns
Editor, The Bee Line (non-voting)

Eric B. Davis, Membership (non-voting)
929 Prospect Avenue
Rumford, ME 04276

At-Large Directors

  • Roy Cronkhite Jr.
  • Tim Forrester
  • Wayne Hodgdon
  • David N. Israel
  • Peggy McLaughlin
  • Charlie Merrill

Local Chapter Representatives for 2013-14

  • Auburn Bee Club: Blaine Richardson
  • Cumberland County Beekeepers: Jacky Hildreth (chapter president)
  • Kennebec Beekeepers Association: Ed Brown (chapter vice president)
  • Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers: Dave Spicer (chapter vice president)
  • Penquis Beekeepers Association: Tish Dutson (chapter president)
  • Sacopee Valley Beekeepers Club: Barbara Ives (chapter president)
  • Sagadahoc County Beekeepers: Tom McDine (chapter vice president)
  • Tri-County Beekeepers: Marilyn Plowman (chapter president)
  • Western Maine Beekeepers Association: Hugh Rowley (chapter president)
  • York County Beekeepers Association: Jim Cumiskey (chapter president)

Standing Committees for 2014-15:

Legislative: Erin MacGregor-Forbes, Charlie Merrill
Project – This committee will to research and pursue Honey Standards and Statewide Liability Laws
Annual Program: (open)
Project – Advise Cumberland County on past procedures.
Membership: Eric Davis.
Information and Education: Cottrill, Harley, and  Merrill.
Project – “How to Get Started in Beekeeping in Maine” curriculum for web and print.

Special Committees for 2014-15:

Communications: David Israel (chair), Lori Harley, Erin MacGregor-Forbes

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