April 16, 2014

About Us

The Maine State Beekeepers Association, Inc., was founded in 1976. Our principal goals are to educate and inform Maine beekeepers on the theory and practice of sound beekeeping, to improve communication among beekeepers, to represent the interests of beekeepers before the state legislature and in the statewide agricultural community, and to provide substantive information about bees and beekeeping to the public.

Our five hundred-plus members include everyone from single-colony hobbyists to professional beekeepers and commercial pollinators, and they represent all levels of beekeeping experience and expertise. We sponsor an annual meeting every fall, maintain a library of print, video, and beekeeping resource materials, and publish a bi-monthly newsletter, The Bee Line.  The Maine State Beekeepers Association has local chapter affiliates throughout the state.

MSBA members are welcome to attend board meetings, held on the third Thursday of each winter month, in Augusta. Feel free to contact any board member with questions, comments, and ideas about how MSBA can better serve the Maine beekeeping community.

We are proud to be able to collectively  support important scientific research. Currently $1 (7% of regular annual dues) is donated to the EAS Foundation for Honey Bee Research, a competitive grant program developed from donations received from beekeepers and others interested in funding research on topical problems in honey bees. Proposals for support are annually solicited.

The MSBA prohibits discrimination against current or prospective members on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristics.



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